A loving boy who cares for his fans. He does not deserve any hate. He perfect. He’s a kind kid. He cares for people. He’s just a dream boy. Like u should want him as your boyfriend. He’s just an all around amazing person.
What he said he loved her and cared for her”

“Guess he’s being a Johnny Orlando
by Johnsmybaehoe June 17, 2018
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the cutest and most talented human ever , HE IS THE DEFINITION OF PERFECT , every girl wants him as their boyfriend
Johnny Orlando is so perfect
by johnnyorlandoo May 03, 2019
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he is a super nice guy. He loves to smile. he loves to laugh. he is a celebrity. he is super PERFECT. any fans wants him so bad, even me. but he already have someone... it is Mackenzie Ziegler. she is one of his bestfriend... even tho i never met johnny or know johnny really well but i know that he loves Kenzie so much... like the way he look at her, every song he make is for her. i really wants to be his but.... i know I CANT...

well i just wants to say...

johnny orlando is the best guy that i ever know
“ johnny loves MACKENZIE ZIEGLER.. not me

i love johnny orlando because he is a smart cute gentle talented boy... i love you Johnny Orlando
by thefanwholovesjohnny September 21, 2018
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Johnny Orlando is someone who is strong minded and determined he won’t let anyone stand in his way, he is often very popular smart kind a funny pretty perfect ay. Johnny Orlando has many skills one being singing. One thing people should know about him is that his love life is tough as his true love is someone called Lara with a last name starting with S. The studies have been based of famous celebrity relationships and star signs so people find a fan of Johnny’s with the first name Lara and the last name starting with S
“Wow that Johnny Orlando guy is great wonder who her will date”-Sorry couldn’t think of anything
by The Fortuneteller November 06, 2017
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Johnny orlando is a Canadian singer who started off making covers. He know has tons of amazing songs like "What if" and "Last summer". He is total boyfriend material and super hot. He is kind and really funny he also has a current of 5.7m followers on instagram.
Johnny Orlando is so cute.
by _.Izzy.wild._ December 06, 2018
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Johnny Orlando is a pop singer. He is currently 16 years old. His birthday is on January 24, 2003. Johnny Orlando is also my husband😏 Johnny doesn’t care what’s other think about him he just follow his heart and do what he wants to do. He is a sweet cute young boy who doesn’t deserve hate at all. Whoever hate him or dislike him, I’m going to fight you because there is no way you can’t like this innocent cute boy. Whoever is a big fan of him. Let’s just say you and me can be best friends forever. Johnny Orlando latest song is called “Sleep”. It has over 1 million views. In the music video is added Johnny Orlando and Nadia Turner.
“Johnny Orlando = MY FUTURE HUSBAND😍”
by johnnyorlandowife March 11, 2019
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