When someone (preferably a guy) is able to pull off anyone they desire usually quick and affirmative, by saying either the sweetest thing or act in a polite manner.
*Girl walks by*
Daniel: Man, who's the gorgeous girl approaching the front desk?
Mike: Oh, that's Jessica. She's new around here, why you ask?
Daniel: She's beautiful. I'm going to talk to her.
Mike: *laughs* You think you got game like that?
Daniel: Just watch me.

*Daniel walks up to Jessica*
Daniel: Hey girl, I spotted you from a modest distance. Let's walk together and may be fall for commitment.
Jessica: *Giggles* You're sweet. I would love to walk with you. *Blushes*

Daniel walks pass Mike and says: That's what I call having game.
Mike speaks to himself: Damn my mans got game.
by Slugzcuz May 10, 2014
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Just me ridin' around in my 225 Audi TT Limited. Being Called by 2 bitches at once, and have 1 on the same line.

That's Game.
girl: damn.. you'r hot!

me: duh.. I have game..

*Playin' in the background. " I got no pickup lines.. I stay on the grind.. i tell the hoe's everytime.. BITCH GET IN MY CAR!!
by D.TT July 9, 2006
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This sentence is used normally from a yougen within the age of 5-9. Many young children get drop kicked after asking this question.
Do u have game on ur phone?
Child: "Hey Laila"

Me: "What do you want now"

Child: "Do u got games on ur phone?"

Me: *violently drop kicks yougen out of my room*
Do u have games on ur phone?
by "I AM GETTING TRIGGERED" -Drew February 23, 2019
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A phrase telling girls that you have good game without wasting too much of their precious time. Chicks love it when you cut to the chase. Say this to females as they walk by you on the sidewalk. You should be somewhat intoxicated and in the mood to heckle. Fear of rejection will lead to failure. Often times this term will raise curiosity in the female and lead to her joining you in a game of beer pong which could lead to things like sex for that evening.
Dude 1: Hey ladies, I Have Good Game!!!!
Girl 1: Har Har, thats cool.
Dude 1: No seriously, come play beer pong.
Girl 1: Okay, I'm so intrigued by your bluntness and ability to not waste my time by telling me straight up how good your game really is. I will play beer pong with you and perhaps let you touch my boob later tonight.

Tip: This term is often most effective when used in coordination with "I'm hung like a hamster." See: Hung Like a Hamster here on Urban Dictionary.
by Coolguy172 June 23, 2006
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