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When someone (preferably a guy) is able to pull off anyone they desire usually quick and affirmative, by saying either the sweetest thing or act in a polite manner.
*Girl walks by*
Daniel: Man, who's the gorgeous girl approaching the front desk?
Mike: Oh, that's Jessica. She's new around here, why you ask?
Daniel: She's beautiful. I'm going to talk to her.
Mike: *laughs* You think you got game like that?
Daniel: Just watch me.

*Daniel walks up to Jessica*
Daniel: Hey girl, I spotted you from a modest distance. Let's walk together and may be fall for commitment.
Jessica: *Giggles* You're sweet. I would love to walk with you. *Blushes*

Daniel walks pass Mike and says: That's what I call having game.
Mike speaks to himself: Damn my mans got game.
by Slugzcuz May 10, 2014
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