When you're saying goodbye to someone who is hurting at night and you don't wanna say the same old "goodnight". You want them to know it's okay not to be good/happy all the time.
"Don't have a good night or a bad night, just have a night"
by Random_ness_ May 2, 2017
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kinda like when you say "have a good night" online but without the "good," which implies that you don't care.
ok i gtg have a night.
by panophobic7 June 30, 2003
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means go fuck yourself on an internal work email~AH
This is where I bow out. I’m happy to offer help but it sounds like someone else might be a better liaison.

Have a good night folks.
by Have a nice night folks August 14, 2014
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Doing it like they do it on discovery channel with a loser you just met in the night-life.
Jenny enden up having a one-night stand with a loser

Jessica was so drunk she ended up having sex with a geek that night.

Sarah did it with a loser she just met.
by Greenlander February 27, 2012
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