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A big, nasty shit with fumes likely capable of fracturing the very reality we live in.
My cat just dropped a big ass haumann in the bathtub and I can't even see straight.

That's a big haumann.
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by FlisterZab September 06, 2017
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The most grotesque shit you can ever take.

Can be used as a exclamation while releasing the foul demon from your posterior.
I just made a haumann in my pants.

Guy 1: I can't go, I'm backed up.

Guy 2: Raise your legs and push.
Guy 1: *splash* HAUMANN!
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by Foods Chihuahua September 14, 2017
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Another word for feces.

ie: a big greasy turd

Can also be used in exclamation while evacuating your bowels after being backed up for weeks.
You see that chimp? He just threw his Haumanns at me!

I can't play Destiny 2 for long, I always drop Haumanns on how awesomely gorgeous it looks.

Joe: "You alright in there?"
Brad: "I'm trying to shit and nothing is coming out."
Joe: "Push as hard as you can, imagine you're giving birth."
Brad: "Haumann!"
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by Incom April 19, 2018
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