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A Hateful Atheist who abhors all semblances of a God or Gods. Which is ironic considering the fact that they hate something that they do not believe exists.
Richard Dawkins is a Hatetheist who makes his money slandering against something he does not believe in.
by Da Reservation Sensation April 11, 2013
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Militant atheist; hater of religion; one who attacks and/or cannot tolerate any religious people, sights or sounds of a faith; one who thinks themselves more intelligent and superior than people of faith.
"The hatetheist's bullied a church group from handing out food to the homeless for fear that they would be proselytized to.
by Grizman69 December 01, 2013
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A portmanteau of "hate" and "atheist", hatetheist is a derogatory term sometimes used by theists to describe an effective activist atheist.
Richard Dawkins is a hatetheist.
by Godham Sonobavitch September 22, 2014
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