I hate this guy/(and or you)
In the world of not texting back this is a means of a romantic gesture, using the term " I hate you" actually is a way of expressing "I like/love you". As was previously mentioned, girls with trust issues are too scared to love, so they show said emotion through acts of hate.
Girl: I hate you.

Guy: I know I know I hate you too, let’s get married.
Girl: June 6 work?
Guy: yeah I should still hate you then

Girl: omg I hate this guy
by xoxonoturzxoxo February 20, 2018
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A phrase people can add before saying something nitpicky, like correcting you on some inconsequential fact.

Often secretly means, "I love to be that guy", since the kind of people who say it get a little thrill from correcting others and being pedantic.
"I hate to be that guy, but... you said The Matrix came out in April 1999. It was actually first released on March 31st."
by JCR1987 August 20, 2014
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i hate guys means that u should stay away
Girl: i hate guys.
Boy: im going away from you, u problaby dont like us.
by December 19, 2022
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