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A measurement of office rage. The Haskin scale is an exponential scale starting at 0 when you're completely placid and peaks when an office worker reaches 1 Haskin. This is the point at which they storm into their boss's office, slam their letter of resignation on the desk and disappear in a puff of indignation. Named for the first individual to achieve 1.0 on the Haskin scale.
If that idiot calls me again to ask about his helpdesk call, I'm going to have a Haskin.

How's your day going? Pretty good. I'm around .3 of a Haskin today.
by Brugle May 18, 2008
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A male with the largest ego ever seen to human nature.
Possessing the most questionable intelligence/lack of.
He aspires to be like Aziz Shavershian (ZYZZ) but unfortunately overestimates his looks and size.
Banter shown at it's worst.
"That Haskins, he doesn't even lift!!!"
"That guy has no style or swage, he must be Haskins"
"Name someone with shit banter??" "Oh, Haskins"
by sdsjlkhds March 31, 2013
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