When someone has left some kind of impact, typically bad, that it forces a related person or group of people to check out (leave) out of embarrassment or disinterest.

The phrase references old time chat rooms with the notice that “____ has left the chat.”
*Shane Dawson’s ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’ video ends*

“Jake Paul has left the chat.”
“The Pauls have left the chat.”
by C. Dardano October 4, 2018
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when a person in the group chat gets offended and stops participating or leaves the group
*Brianna gets roasted by someone in the group*
someone says "Brianna has left the chat"
by quickythiccyboi January 6, 2019
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when a dramatic person gets offended in a group chat and leaves like a pussy
"you are fat and ugly"

*kaine has left the chat*
by sherloidbaisherloid July 10, 2018
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Expression used in a wider context to express reprobation for the silly, outrageous or outright disgusting content shared by people with limited abilities in a group chat. The goal is to imitate the reaction of well-educated, respectable (and potentially French) individuals typically named "Clement" would have to said content. This enables the user to show reprobation while staying in the chat herself/himself in case similar content get shared again. Similar expression: "Karen has left the chat" to indicate the typical reprobation of a suburban member of the group who was not able to talk to the chat manager.
Everybody immediately wrote "Clement has left the chat" after Seb shared a misogynistic joke in our Whatsapp group .
by dargeax June 3, 2021
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Meaning - heavily beyond SHOOK like the queen HIS/HER is CHOCKING RN and James Charles has been CANCLED
Thelifeofmac2005 post- did makeup today bomb AF
*jefree star enters the chat*
*james Charles QUITS YT
{error message} *Jefree star has left the chat*
by Bigdaddylongcouchie2378 September 20, 2018
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