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a small cape cod town where everyone claims that nothing happens, but in actuality we've had our fair share of shitshows. small school filled with copious amounts of unnecessary drama. but if you dig down deep enough you can find some really genuine people. the only place to go is bank street beach, which we all make out to be so much better than it actually is. the majority of teachers in your school have had your parents as students too. in our town, gossip spreads almost as fast as venereal diseases do. i love this town :)
1: did you hear about the infection tina from Harwich got?
2: yeah i think she got it from dan
1: in my boyfriend dan?
2: O.
by t :) nice January 31, 2010
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A town On the Island of Cape Cod in the State of Massachusetts which is in the United States Of America. It has 7 villages
1) Pleasant Lake - You have Massachusetts route 124 here and alot of people dont really know much about this village

2) Harwich Center - This area has alot of History Buildings in fact its a Historic Distrcit
3) Harwich Port - This is a very Crowded area its also very vibrant with Culture and but recently theres been a Increasement in Violence
4) West Harwich - Overpopulated area with many buidings here it is On Massachusetts Route 28
5) East Harwich - "The Unfair neighboorhood" with to many people who think Route 39 is the biggest Highway ever

6) South Harwich - There arent alot of things here but Red River beach
7) North Harwich - A area of intrest by builders around Cape Cod and many new houses here
I live in Harwich and i admit there is quite a bit of drama in are schools!
by IAmsoscoool February 20, 2011
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A town on Cape Cod,Massachusetts,United States. You have West Harwich which is full of black people and kinda ghetto, East Harwich the classic preppy middle class people, North Harwich the new houses, South Harwich the woods, Harwich Center the old history area and Plesant Lake Route 124 and Headwaters Drive.
Nobody likes East Harwich unless you live there
Harwich is a town on Cape Cod in the US that has alot of Drama.
by coolyo21 January 12, 2011
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Cape Cod town full of over-dramatic, slutty, lying, two-faced bitches. We're known all around the Cape for our small-town drama and we've got nothing to offer but seem to think we do. The only good thing about Harwich is about 2% of the people are good friends and cool people, the other 98% suck. We don't even have our own football and hockey teams because we're so small and have like no money. It's a gay place with gay people and almost everyone hates living here.
Did you hear about Harwich?
No why?
by Who else? December 04, 2004
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the biggest collection of drama queens ever.
omgz! biitchezz dunt be hAttInnngz!
by anonymous like woah. November 21, 2004
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Da best damn town there ibba was. I'm the leadin ibba scorer there. i love all de'm ibba girls.
Harwich, where we fuck up in sports every ibba year.
Harwich, where da basketball fans are all ibba turkeys
by Mr. Rose April 10, 2005
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