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To give an individual a Hartigan.

In reference to Sin City, when Hartigan rips off that yellow bastards sausage and nuts off with his bare hands.

(angry) I am going to give that guy a hartigan for touching my sister !!!
by jmonkey1540 July 24, 2008
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A pictogram that was spawned of the Heartagram. Instead of a heart that is shaped as a pentagram with a circle, it lost the circle, and where the points of the triangle are became swirls.

There are two variations of the Hartigan, one in which there is still a triangle but the points are swirls, and one in which there is no triangle and the heart has a cleft down the middle.

Can also be called a Heartigan. Was originally named a Hartigan after the character Hartigan of Sin City, and because of it's extremely close resemblance to the Heartagram.
All the emo kids were drawing Heartagrams on their books, but instead we drew a Hartigan.
by toee November 13, 2006
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