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A town on the coast of Maine. Lots of drunks, dubs and kids smoking pot. A party destination for many kids at Mt. Ararat High School. There are two police officers for the whole town and they're usually out looking for Highlanders to pull over, and they just smoke joints in their cruisers.

North Harpswell is where all the hippies live and grow dope in the summer. Not much else is known, but they're nice people, except for people from Harpswell Neck, they are just Brunswick people that pretend to be Harpswell people, and they often play baseball and other shit like that.

East Harpswell is half tourists and summer homes and the other half is lobster industry-related families and if they live in Cundy's Harbor, they're mostly drunks and frequent weed smokers. Cundy's Harbor is the best place in Harpswell to score some weed. Cundy's Harbor is located on Great Island, the other islands are expensive real estate, but there are a lot of natives as well. Those places are okay, just mind the traffic in the summer, they drive like absolute cunts.

South Harpswell is referred to as 'the bad side' and the residents are referred to as 'dungeyes'. South Harpswell is not the best place, incest runs rampant and all the kids probably smoke meth or some shit.

West Harpswell is where all the politicians of Harpswell are from, so it receives the most money from the Town Office. West Harpswell is full of douchebags and cat murderers but there are a select few that are alright.
Harpswell Guy #1: "Hey guy, let's go smoke this here jibbah and get trashed later."

Harpswell Guy #2: "No deal, ya fuckin' dub, Bradberry's gonna want a hit off it if we smoke it in the truck."

Harpswell Guy #1: "Fuckin' cops, you'd think they get enough dope off of those fuckin college kids they pull over, but nooo, they gotta scavenge off of us."
by cockflaps mcgee November 30, 2013
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