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Is a guy who is tall,thin and smart. He hates to use his brain. Loves Alcohol. Loves women. Casanova. Tries not to smoke or dope. Is an obsessive stalker. Hates the girl he loves.
Shows repentance in extreme. Cares about people around. Whistles REAL WELL. Tries to be funny,sometimes is successful. Doesn't know who he actually loves. Is a cool.
Will do well in life,provided he uses his big brain. Has good curly hair,is photogenic. Girls LOVE him. He tries to be emo. Doesn't suit him.
Suk:Oh! that's a hardit.Isn't he the best a woman can get?
JPV:Hey! Look I'm here,i am better than any Hardit
suk*ignores*:Oooooh! Hardit be mine....

R:So you're saying you are a chootiya because you dated a hardit who took a slap without saying a word.
J(stares blankly)
R:What the fuck does that make me then?!
J:I don't know.
R:eh. So i hope what i told you won't effect you and him.
J(stares blankly)

A:You're a hardit,i will always love you.

K:that bitch is a hardit I'm gonna break his bones.
J:No,let it be will you.
by sirpsychosexy<3 March 20, 2010
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