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(A) Hardian; A person who attends (or previously attended) the Thomas Hardye High School who talks of oneself as semi-political and is pretentious, yet doesn't realise it. They also like to use words such as "banter" "chunder" and "trolololollllllollllll" as characterised by the working class of Australia and east London
oh spiffy, I couldnt believe I struck 10 in croquet me and the Johnston had some good banter and he very almost nearly chundered: trololololllllllolllll, how hardian of us!
by Elias Fones July 30, 2011
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that indonesian kid, kinda creepy at times, but has a big heart.
that hardian grabbed my ass but i know he meant well.
by indonesian jungle cat November 29, 2004
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