A TV show on FX. Its about a motorcycle club called Sons Of Anarchy. The club members are very close to one another and will do pretty much anything for one another. Most of the members have day jobs in the world but they make most of their money from gun running and protection runs. The SOA operates in a fictional town in Northern California called Charming. They also have many charters around the United States. The first 13 episodes were aired on FX. According to FX the second season will be aired on September of 2009
Dave: Hey man did you see Sons Of Anarchy last night?
John: Yeah man i did, that show is really bad ass
by Sparky 7761 December 6, 2008
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The best show on TV. Features unique, developed characters, stellar acting, a high intensity level, and some of the most carefully crafted and multi-layered storytelling since The Sopranos. The show has received a good amount of critical acclaim since its inception in September 2008, and rightfully so. Two seasons have been aired with a third currently in development and slated for release this September.
Sons of Anarchy owns you.
by Agent Duchess May 4, 2010
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shoot someone in the back of the head on a shooting game!
sons of anarchy style is when you are playing modern warfare or any other type of shooting game when you kill someone by shooting them in the back of the head with a machine gun. (sons of anarchy is a show on fx)
by kamren91 December 30, 2011
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