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A type of catfish caught mainly in the south. Typically known as a bottom feeder "trash" fish that most people won't eat.
Dang it! I just hooked another hardhead! I won't eat this, should we give it to the black people over there??
by d-rob all the time December 28, 2009
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Crack heads to say the least, lol. Crack is also known as "hard". Atticts are known as "heads". Put the two together and guess what? You bet ya. Hardheads! Also, people call actual rock fish hardheads and croakers. So i think "Rock Fish" fits the same subject lol.
Boy Tyrone and Bingham sure are some hardheads! They'll do whatever it takes to get that hard. They like rock fish. Look at em' go!
by Dj Truth 410 October 19, 2011
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