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A school where basically everyone knows everyone and a lot of cool things happen. Lots of people hate it, but they probably like it anyway.
Harborfields High is a pretty damn good school.
by ABCs August 26, 2006
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The worst fucking school you will ever go to. This school is full of dicks, whores, assholes, and a shit ton of STDs. You can NOT trust anyone in this school, everyone’s a fucking liar. The nickname may be “Happyfields” but it’s the complete fuckin opposite. Everyone steals, cheats, and drinks alcohol or smokes weed because they think they’re soooooo cool. Everyone’s just a fat loser and they know it, but they like to think that they’re the center of attention. Btw teachers & faculty is absolute shit.
“Where did you go to school as a kid?”
by HFrooster March 16, 2018
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The school district where everyone is Italian and half the kids in the middle school vape and are meme page admins. Everyday, atleast 1 person in the hs Get suspended for vaping in the bathroom, and all the popular guys are fuckboys. Almost everyone is fake, and most ppl are depressed in harborfields
I wish I didn’t have to go to harborfields
by LilLimo May 22, 2018
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A school filled with crabs infested whores and ignorant little fucks that attempt to become guidos. Side effects include getting your ass beat in everything by other schools on Long Island and getting multiple types of STDS.
" hey, i banged that Harborfields chick so hard last night"
"dood you need to get tested....NOW!"
by heytherehithere April 19, 2010
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this school claims to be a “anitbully” school but in reality someone is getting made fun of right behind them. the school is full of either rich snobby fucks or kids who think they can smoke weed in the locker room this school is full of whores and also, elwood kids need to stay in their own fucking school. we already have enough trashy kids
“hey i’m moving to harborfields”
be prepared for aids
by bigdaddyeatme17 May 20, 2018
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