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A silly way of saying "Happy New Year" that incites all the haters to post mean spirited definitions on Urban dictionary because they can't imagine taking anything lightly or posting anything besides insults at other people who live happier healthier lives.
It's January first, I was at a party with lots of people who like me. I wished them all a "Happy Nude Year" which was uncharictaristic so we all had a good laugh and started exchanging funny New Years Stories. One guy sat in a corner all by himself and didn't socialize, he just sat there with his face in his phone posting something mean on Urban Dictionary about other people obviously having social issues.
by Cordelia (Cookie) Jarvis December 31, 2016
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1) The worse way to say "happy new year" in all slangdom.

2) A way to say happy new year which suggests that one has a sex problem.

3) A way to suggest that you are smart because you thought of saying "happy nude year" instead and one that hints, in unexpected ways, that you are a porn addict with a serious interpersonal dilemna.
I said "happy nude year" and people stopped and wondered exactly what I was trying to say.
by Legatus 1T-TA1 December 13, 2007
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