hap•py cat
hapē kat
Adjective Noun

Someone who has a smile and a positive attitude and outlook on life.

A Happy Cat gets up each day with a smile and shows appreciation for all that they have and all of life’s blessings and greets each day and most people with a smile even through adversity as the know every day is a new day and in that new day great things can happen.
He/She is truly a Happy Cat Happy Cat #HappyCat and always has the right attitude in life.

That is one Happy Cat Happy Cat #HappyCat

Respect the Happy Cat Happy Cat #HappyCat
by LOVE777 September 13, 2014
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The term used for a vagina that has just received a good time.
"How was that dick, Happy Cat?"
by WrongfulDivider April 18, 2017
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A cat that is:

2) Smilin'

3a) Snortin' OR
3b) Organizin'
What a happy cat! She's happy, she's smilin' she's snortin'!
by HappyCat87 November 5, 2007
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