The feeling of overwhelming guilt, stress, and worry you experience the day after a drinking binge. Hang-over Anxiety. Hangxiety!
Fuck. I may or may not have done a two man conga line through the Church of Scientology last night. I've got the worst hangxiety. Fuck!
by McMuzz May 2, 2011
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A combination of being Hung Over and having Anxiety. Not only are your physically ill, but you also have high anxiety caused by erratic behavior and Black Out periods the night before.

The 'bad feeling' you have the day after a night of heavy drinking, both Mentally and Physically.

Physical effects of Hangxiety may include heart palpitations, fatigue, hot flashes, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and headaches.
Andy: Dude, you ok? You look like you're going to die!

Steve: I drank too much last night, I might throw-up all over myself. Plus, I can't remember shit, I just know I wasn't good, and I feel worried about what I might have done and said.

Andy: Ahhh you just have Hangxiety. I have that every Sunday. You'll be ok tomorrow.
by OverDone February 8, 2011
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the feeling felt waking up after a night of heavy drinking. commonly felt at around 4 am. symptoms include overthinking everything you said/did that night and a deep set sense of overwhelming guilt and regret. often the feeling is only temporary and based on irrational fears. it has been deemed as the worst feeling on earth (even worse than childbirth) and should be avoided at all costs. people with hangxiety are likely to say “i’m never drinking again” on their whatsapp group chat and or cry. often includes heavily feelings of nausea and life regret.
friend: “hey why are you up, it’s 4:00am???”

me: “i have such terrible hangxiety, does everyone hate me? what did i say last night? why am i alive, i want to die, this is horrible, i’m never drinking again, i fucked up my entire life there is no coming back from this!”
by porkycapone3 October 2, 2021
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The crushing embarrassment and shame you feel when you wake up after a heavy drinking session and are fairly sure you behaved badly.

Portmanteau of 'hangover' and 'anxiety'.
I don't even want to get out of bed this morning - the hangxiety is too strong.
by Eve Moriarty July 7, 2020
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That awkward moment it takes to find the hang-up button after the end of a Zoom call.
Hangxiety sucks
by Le Biscuitier November 9, 2020
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The fear of hanging ones self on everyday objects
After watching that seen from final destination, I’ve got severe hangxiety
by RipeContext November 22, 2018
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