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A cross between the Korean "Han" and the word "English." It's generally used by Koreans to describe the mangled version of English they will occasionally speak and write.

See also Engrish.
Kim: Run over fast, I throw you the ball!

Bob: What?

Jeong: Hahaha! Nice Hanglish...
by occamscudgel July 08, 2012
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Hanglish is a made up language rooted from English.
Hanglish is used when spelling things phonetically (how they are said); not to be confused with simply messing up when typing. Hanglish is used mainly by people who speak English but have accents different from ones that the English language is based off of- they says things differently and therefore spell them accordingly.

Seeing that Hanglish is so close to English, it often upsets "Grammer Nazis". Although to some people who use Hanglish, they don't even realize what they spelt was wrong.
Indoendo vs innuendo
Middens vs mittens
Dose vs does
Wensday vs Wednesday

Hanglish is pretty much the bucher of the english language.
by ImDone. October 05, 2016
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