When you're so hung over you feel like you've been hanged. By the neck. Until dead.
by E. C. Mebert May 8, 2011
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the body ache which you experience in the morning after a night of drinking. Most commonly accompanied by vomiting, quivering, head ache, short term amnesia, and (depending on your drink)diarehea.
I got fucked up watching the game last night.My hang over was so bad that I awoke this morning with puke all over my shirt, shit down my left leg, no idea how i got home and no tolerance for my bitchy girlfriend.
by anonomous February 1, 2003
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The result of heavy drinking of which results in an alcohol blood content that still exists long after drinking because your liver is still trying to cope with the detox.

As a result the liver uses water to metabolize the alcohol, this water is obtained from the body and often the brain which has a high concentration of water, this lack of water that is a result of metabolism causes the membranes in the brain to tighten thus causing the headaches and body aches often are another result

puking can also occur when the body has too much alcohol and rejects the remaining alcohol in the stomach by throwing it back up
Waking up the next day after a hardy party and getting crunk
by Mathews July 25, 2005
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hang over- the state of still being drunk except it no longer feels good. you hurt or are at the least uncomfortable while your liver clears all the shit out of your body

I am suffering from a fucking hangover.
by niftyjess October 7, 2003
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When you drink more then you should of an alcoholic beverage and you wake up the next morning with a terrible head ache,achy body, and you puke ur ass off.
Right now Amanda has the worst hangover and she will never drink again, just like alst weekend! Never! Alcohol is bad!
by Mando! February 22, 2004
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verb. To be hung over.
"You were drunk as hell when you came home last night, what have you been doing all day?" "Hanging Over."
by Joshua S November 28, 2005
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when a fat person wears pants that are way too tight resulting in fat rolls hanging over their pants.
Man, that girl is suffering from a massive hang-over.

His pants are going to break if he doesn't do something about his hang-over.
by Brittany F. February 26, 2007
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