(hun'drid hand slap)

- n.
1. The one Street Fighter move that EVERYBODY knows how to do.

2. E. Honda's signataure move from Capcom's "Street Fighter" video game series. Performed by pressing any punch-button rapidly.

From Japanese "Hyaku Retsu Harite" (lit., "Hundred Violent Sumo Hands")
‘The first move I ever learned in Street Fighter was the hundred hand slap.’
‘Dude, don't be cheap. Quit doing the hundred hand slap.’
by Jacopo November 19, 2007
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taking someone by the collar/turtle neck and slaping them back and forth with the top and under sides of your hand and saying saying bitch ass nigga over and over
sorta like the back hand slap, but with the words nigga, bitch, and ass in any sort of order, but must include the word nigga, i.e. the "black" hand slap
Nate: d00d jessica just broke up with me
Joe: so.....
Nate: *starts to cry*
Joe: *takes hand and graps nates shirt and starts Black Hand Slapping him* nigga, get your bitch ass together *x7 times*
by JOENDNATE June 20, 2007
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The ever present 'pimp hand slap', this is a back hand slap usually quicker than lightining. Given by the butch of the community or relationship. The person who gives it demands respect and after a PHS he will have it.
little jimmy was being a cocky bastard so i gave him a pimp hand slap, QUICKER THAN LIGHTINING!!!
by PimpOfHertfordshire May 22, 2008
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to repeatedly slap someone with the palm and back of your hand.
He wasnt listening so I had to give him a fifty hand slap
by deejaygee February 21, 2007
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The Soapy Hand Slap is a sexual act. The way it works is a male ejaculates into his hand, works the spunk into a bit of a lather, then slaps his sexual partner in the face with his now jizz-lathered hand.
Guy : Ugghhhhhnnnnnnnnnn....uhhh....nnnnnnnnn....ah. Ahh. Ah-ah-oh-uhhhhhnnnn. (heavy breathing ensues)

Girl : Whew! That was...well, that was, um...good.

Guy : (fakes masturbating using spunk as lube, in order to work up a lather)

Girl : Oh. You trying to get it up so we can go again?

Guy : Soapy Hand Slap!!! (slaps girl with lathered hand, smearing spunk across her face).

Girl : So, wer'e done, right? I mean, that pretty much just ended our relationship. Ok. Well, see you later, asshole.
by blackholepcs July 11, 2009
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A term from the movie The Waterboy when Bobby Boucher gives or asks for a high five

Also can be used when you give or ask for a high five

*note* when said must be said with a hard lisp
*Guy 1* Hey! SLAP HANDS! *puts up hand for high five*

*Guy 2* SLAP HANDS! *high fives hand*
by Soberburnout July 28, 2009
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