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A term from the movie The Waterboy when Bobby Boucher gives or asks for a high five

Also can be used when you give or ask for a high five

*note* when said must be said with a hard lisp
*Guy 1* Hey! SLAP HANDS! *puts up hand for high five*

*Guy 2* SLAP HANDS! *high fives hand*
by Soberburnout July 27, 2009

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The type of music that makes people suicide more than any other. Look it up statistics show that people who listen to country music tend to commit suicide more than any other. The reason for this being the anger is always brought in and the blame rested on yourself rather then getting your anger and sadness away.
I do not wish to include and example with the word Country Music in it.
by Soberburnout May 27, 2010

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