An odd but strangely compelling song sung by the "Hamsters". They even have an album, how freaky is that? It gets stuck in your head, oh yes it does...dee ba dee ba...
Dee be dee ba doh doh...
by Rob S February 15, 2004
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This evil, evil song makes every annoying song in history seem good. The hamsters are evil! EVIL! DO NOT LISTEN TO THE HAMSTERS!
by PatamonKid February 18, 2004
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It's just like safe deposit, except with any live or formerly live rodent. Doing this may cause you're bitch to dance.
That bitch was dancing all night, must have had some hamster dancing.
by Scroto Hoebaggins November 20, 2004
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The hamster dance is the sexual move where you shove a hamster up your ass in order for it to tickle your insides causing you to move around and dance
Hey do you wanna meet up tonight? Maybe we can do the hamster dance
by The human bruh moment February 27, 2020
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Go to your local pet store and get a hamster that is proportioned to you (or your partners) asshole. Get a tube and stick it up the subjects ass and have the hamster go secure into the rumpus. After the hamster is contently within the anus, then sit on an amp and play house music. For maximum hamster moves play David Guetta or DJ Tiesto.
Hey Dan, why are you sitting on that amp and when did you get such good moves? No reason Kyle, I just got the Mongolian Hamster Dance going on.
by corigunz October 29, 2010
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When you have sex with someone and get pregnant with multiple children.
Damn, Jill hooked up with Brian and after he found out they did the hamster dance he zooted.
by Fresh_Tresh October 18, 2020
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