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Hamiltrash is what the Hamilton fandom calls themselves - Hamilton is a broadway show written by Lin Manuel Miranda in honor of Alexander Hamilton the guy on Americas ten dollar bill-Hamiltrash is just what they chose
My friend and I are Hamiltrash cause we are Non-Stop!
by The_other_51 November 05, 2016
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Hamilton. HAmilton. HAMilton. HAMIlton.HAMILton. HAMILTon. HAMILTOn. HAMILTON!!!!!!!
Anyone who makes fan art or is obsessed with Hamilton with call themselves Hamiltrash. Love ya'll hamilton fans!!
OMG! I know, like, all 60 songs in the hamilton playlist! I'm such Hamiltrash!"

"Dis bitch is obsessed. She must be Hamiltrash."
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by Hey you can I get a picture fr January 28, 2019
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(n.)The teenagers found in Hamilton, NJ who seem to be fashion victims. Also drive expensive cars that mommy and daddy bought them. Males tend to have highlited and/or bleached hair, shop exclusively at A&F and Hollister, and pretend to be surfers. Females have cell phones surgically attached to their heads, bleach blonde or deep brown hair (no hues in between) and Coach/Dooney & Bourke handbags given to them by mommy and daddy.
"Dude, check out the Hamil-trash driving that beemer!"
by Curly! May 27, 2006
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