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Hamilton, Massachusetts is the epitome of a prep town. Where everyone owns horses and has an average property value of 600,000$, let alone the average house price of like 2,000,000$. It's a very unique conservative based town, with a population of around 10,000. The girls are hot, but preppy and hard to get. The Hamilton-Wenham regional high school is ranked 10th in the state for education. There are no chain resturaunts save for dunkin donuts. The best place for pizza is HW house of pizza, and if you have ever gotten in a fight, or get a grade average under B-, you are ridiculed.
Conversation: (guy from Revere) Where are you from?
(Hamiltonian) I'm from Hamilton, MA, yeah you've probably never heard of it. (guy from revere, one out of 20 people who actually knows where Hamilton is) Oh yeah you own horses?
by BayRoad May 24, 2011
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