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Arabic word meaning praised
used to describe someone of high intelligence and exceptional attractiveness
Man, did you see that hamdi?
Yeah! How do you not?
by freufreu May 27, 2009
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Absolutely the most beautiful name in existence, Hamdi will more than likely be more beautiful and awesomeness than anyone you know and ever will know. A person with the name Hamdi will have high intelligence and be an amazing and trustworthy person.
"Wow did you just see that beautiful and intelligent person?"

"Yes, that must have been Hamdi"
by TheCakeIsA1ive August 19, 2011
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A very gorgeous girl....very cute in most cases. Her smile is to die for. Especially a Muslim girl. Mostly crushed on by almost every boy around her. Sometimes a player. Should date a (vasili). Her eyes are to die for.
LUCK: Guess what?
VASILI: What Nigga!!
LUCK: Am dating Hamdi !!!
VASILI: Damn you lucky bro
by terrorsquad_OG December 22, 2017
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Person of hamdi descent of mustaches and sort mainly in middle east and over there where they eat goat


2 "Ahmed is one fast hamdi" " No Yasin IS ONE OF THE FASTEST HAMDI'S ON THE TEAM."
by UNICORNS699 October 02, 2012
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