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Almost being able to masturbate to something. Being in a semi-turned on state. You want to be turned on by what's in front of you but it's not quite hot enough to give you a good hard on, like a non lesbian porno.
Roger: Hey Charlie, what did you think of that new movie Jennifer's Body?

Charlie: Total garbage man. You don't even see Megan Fox nude. I could only halfsturbate to any of the good scenes where she was almost nude.
by captain bry December 28, 2009
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To partially masturbate, in effort to save your ejaculate for your parter.

To masturbate but only part way.
To willingly stop masturbating half way thru state of arousal.
To "halfsturbate"can be many things, but mainly its to get some sexual/tension relief without going all the way to ejaculation; and often its in an effort to save the male's sperm and full orgasm for his partner. An act of giving of one's self.
Baby, I have to put the kids to sleep, how about you 'halfsturbate' and I'll be back in a few minutes.

Honey, you can always 'halfsturbate' if I'm not around to have sex with.
by DannyDong February 14, 2017
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