A mix of coffee that is half caffeinated and half decaf, which is primarily consumed by middle-aged women when they are not drinking white-wine spritzers.
"I'll have half caff, please," said the 35-year-old cat lady with bags under her eyes, to the strapping young barista.
by Gravydog July 13, 2011
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Trading half of something you have with half of what another person has.
Person1: "Hey, let's half caff!! Can I have half of your cookie?"
Person2: "Sure, if you give me half of your drink!"
Person1: "it's a half caff!!"
by Natnah March 24, 2016
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When a man's penis is not quite a full boner yet not quite limp either. Essentially the Goldilocks zone of penial stiffness.
Do you see that bulge in that man's pants? He must have the half caff.
by Young Raspberry Milk September 14, 2015
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Discreet public inquiry for homosexual sex and/or anonymous aid with "the stranger" - also known as a Dutch Rudder.
When my friend, Nick, ordered a "grande mocha half caff two pumps no whip" today, the barista knew exactly what he was talking about and offered to give him extra foam!
by Barista May 19, 2014
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