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When someone or something is both shitty and petty in equal parts.

An action that is malicious, childish and retaliatory.
Friend 1: "Someone took my package of 4x4 lined sticky notes from my desk at work today. I am pissed and shocked that someone would have the balls to not only take one pad, but THE WHOLE package."

Friend 2: "That shit's mad shpetty!"
by Barista August 2, 2018
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term used within the barista/coffee house inner cirlces to refer to that counter where customers pepper their coffee beverages to their personal liking with various coffee/espresso condiments, i.e.: milk, cinnamon powder, sweet & low.
ugghhhh. i'll be right back, i gotta go mop up that mess. that little kid just exploded his mother's 1/2 decaf double tall soy no foam latte all over the condo bar, and he just slipped in the puddle.
by Barista April 17, 2008
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Discreet public inquiry for homosexual sex and/or anonymous aid with "the stranger" - also known as a Dutch Rudder.
When my friend, Nick, ordered a "grande mocha half caff two pumps no whip" today, the barista knew exactly what he was talking about and offered to give him extra foam!
by Barista May 19, 2014
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