An ill-conceived hairstyle, usually sported by professional football players. A particularly ridiculous but seemingly fashionable hair cut.
"Do you watch the world cup last night, did you see Ronaldo's new hair-don't?"
by Dunc Slamm June 22, 2014
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What you say when somebody changes their hair style over night and it looks rubbish, thus giving them the hint to change it back!
Marney's got a new hair don't!
Hey dude u got a new hair don't!
by halooooom March 7, 2006
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A hair style that looks ugly. It derived from the term "hair do"
Shayla: u'z got a hair don't.
Maddelyn: o yea valerie got da wurs hair don't cuz hur hair be uglee.
by Luvicious July 16, 2011
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A phrase originally used in the late '60s and early '70s in support of the hippie movement against the older generation's often prude and narrowminded world view, which associated long hair (especially on males) with a sloppy lifestyle. Sometimes also related to long hair on males being associated with homosexuality due to the similarity with traditionally feminine hairstyles. The phrase emphasizes that the speaker isn't affected by what is meant as an insult but actually embraces the accusation.
"Get a haircut, you hippie!"
- "Long hair don't care!"

"Get a haircut, you faggot!"
- "Long hair don't care!"
by nicky123 September 6, 2014
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Commonly used in tweets by girls as a way to draw attention to their precious locks that they obsessively grow.
"omg, just woke up late for class and I look a mess. Oh well, long hair don't care! #longhairprobs (insert selfie here)"
by keb May 24, 2013
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Lil Wayne often uses this in his lyrics. He is saying he doesn't care if a girl, chick, woman, whoever has a "bush" or long pubic hairs. He will still fuck you.
Mr.Carter-Lil Wayne

I know my role, and I play it well
And I wear it well, on my Libra scale
I suck a pussy, fuck a pussy leave it there
long hair don't care

You can also see it like these,

long hurr don't curr
long hair don't even care
by it ain't chabooty it chabeauty January 21, 2010
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A phrase total knobs or lame ass noobs use to describe their freshly shorn locks usually while moronically gurning for selfies.
Natalia: Bin Bin, you toteel beech! You totally like ruined my new Louis Vuitton bag with your spice latte!!
Bin Bin: What evs... Short hair don't care.
by pangman October 3, 2018
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