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Hailie Jade Scott. The daughter of Eminem and Kim Mathers. She was born on Christams day and is a very cute little girl.
by Anonymous July 09, 2003
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The daughter and lyrical inspiration to white rapper Eminem. Apparently the only good thing to come out of marriage to Kim.
by Haley August 04, 2003
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Eminem's cute daughter who appears in many of his songs. She was born on Dec. 25 1995 and her mother is Kim Mathers.
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
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The embryo formed by the joining of the sperm of Marshall Mathers and egg of Kim Scott. She was introduced to the world on Christmas Day, 1995 by way of the vaginal orifice of Kim Scott.

a.k.a. cutest little baby grrl in da world!!!!! omfg*~*~!!
by Shannon February 24, 2005
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Eminem's little angel, his greatest gift in life who is 8 today! Happy Birthday, girl.
Eminem's songs feat Hailie Jade:"Just the two of us", "Hailie's song","My Dad's Gone Crazy".
Songs dedicated to Hailie Jade: "Hailie's song"
by Isabelle Esling December 25, 2003
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the totally adorable daughter of the hottest guy ever, marshall bruce mathers, and the fag kim, she's also the only girl em truly loved.
by shadyz baby August 03, 2003
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