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Hadja Is smart and can act stupid at some points. Makes everyone laugh on there down days, has an amazing but weird laugh, love hugs and is a great friend. She can be loud but funny at the same time. Boys would like to be hadja's friend because she is chill, lit, and has a big ass butt. (Hadja) can be bossy at points but in a fun way, hadja has a bright future ahead of her. She's going to end up having 6 kids and a wonderful husband in Malibu.
Look at that girl right there she's so amazing and beautiful she's definitely Hadja.
by bos$$_xo October 12, 2017
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A wonderful friend who works hard for what she want. A person who cherishes there family and friends to the fullest extent. There might be time of uncertainty but she will prevail.
I cherish my wonderful friend Hadja.
by Munah June 02, 2017
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A very attractive girl but also very strange hadjas are the types to do weird things but in a very flirty way whatever u do dont let thos offer pass hadjas throw themselves at u and are very good in ned
what are u doing hadja
by Defedex May 17, 2017
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