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When a person gets what they deserve, their comeuppance or karma, generally because they've acted selfishly and with total disrespect for the people around them.

When this happens very few people will feel sorry for them, even if they pretend to just to keep up appearances.
Jennifer may have lost a lot of money from the deal, but to be honest she had it coming. She's been hustling all over town for years.
by zekepliskin December 7, 2009
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— Shithead! You ass-fucked my wife!
— Well, what can I say. She had it coming.
by Spelta February 5, 2016
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The idea that your wrongdoings and misdeeds have caught up with you and you must be held accountable. In context this can be applied in the first or third person.
Like my pops Mad Max had said, “The Chickens had come home to roost…” whatever the fuck that means… (J. Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street
by FartingBeer February 22, 2022
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