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When a boy and a girl (or two boys or girls if they're gay) start dating on Habbo. They usually do not and never will know each other in real life, but they do "real life" activities, such as going on dates, having sex, getting married and "having" babies. Overall, habbo dating isnt that bad, but personally I dont do it much, i'd rather have a real boyfriend than a habbo one.
Habbo boy: Hi, you're really cute
Habbo girl: *blushes* Thank you
Habbo boy: Will you be my girlfriend?
Habbo girl: Sure, lets have sex!

Boy: So Larry, is it true that you have a girlfriend?
Other Boy: Yeah, course!
Boy: Whats her name?
Other Boy: (says her habbo name)
Boy: Ohmygod, Larry, you're habbo dating!
Other Boy: Yeah, so?
by Crazysophhun July 15, 2009
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A form of dating involving the low-quality online social program called "Habbo Hotel". Habbo dating is only done by losers and pedophiles, as well as anyone dumb enough to be suckered in by the first two.
You're habbo dating? You must either be a pedo or an epic loser.
by Anonplussed December 08, 2007
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Habbo Hotel is a website for people age13 to 20 to go hang out and do stuff. One of the many activity's you can do on Habbo Hotel is dating. Habbo datting isnt lame its a realy good option for poeple who arnt good looking in real life.

Dont insult poeople who habbo date!
DId you here that Dubya and Bex are Habbo dating now?
by stephanie quell November 09, 2006
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