I dated that chick for 2 months before she told me she had HSV-2
by Elliott Pisor July 22, 2006
Holden Special Vehicles. Main competitor against FPV. Tendancy for HSV to have higher power and more torque. FPV's Turbo's have quite a bit of turbo lag. Otherwise very strong competition between the two.

HSV have been known for their reliability, and power. Been known to win Bathurst 80% of the time. Been known to have the Chev LS1 and LS2 and maybe an upcoming 7L LS3.
Dude 1: Whoa, that HSV thrashed the FPV
Dude 2: Yeh, no shit!
by Wog Down Under June 20, 2006
Also to be added to definition- apparently a motor vehicle has the description of HSV (Holden Special Vehicles). It's true, I got attacked online by my mention of HSV as the herpes condition, when this person was apparently referring to his hot HSV (my mistake .. yet how could I have known)
My new HSV is hot and bound to lure any 'hot chick' .. so glad I bought it- such a chick magnet- better than a harley
by Creative007 April 22, 2018