To befriend a girl and then start hitting on her as soon as she's 18
I bet you anything as soon as Rudy is 18 he's gonna McTaggart Ana's sister.

To McTaggart.
The act of McTaggarting.
by I got McTaggarted December 20, 2009
"Who is that little man"

"Why it's Joe McTaggart"

"Do you mean irritating little cunt?"
by Kyle03Str September 12, 2018
A sexy girl and guys love her so much and she is the coolest person ever with sorta big boobs she loves to swim and usually has brown eyes guys love her and think she is flawless the funniest and weirdest person ever
by jdjdnfbsnzkx November 3, 2014
"Son get your work down" is just one of the many quotes said by this famous legend from Holy Cross High school in Hamilton. He also has some arse and will whip your arse, quote "Had a naughty boy in class today, had to give him a proper telling." This was another great quote from him, he also listens to scrillex.
I saw John McTaggart smelling Mrs Hands the other day, pretty sure she said some arse to him and skelped it.
by Unlimitedchildren inthebasemen December 4, 2020