Acronym for High-Ping Whiner. The counter-insult to LPB, Low-Ping Bastard. Early on in online gaming broadband connections were rare and gave players a clear advantage in e.g. first-person shooters like Quake. Players using dial-up connections over slow modems hence gladly blamed all their losses on the low latency of LPB's, which the LPB's of course dismissed as just whining from low-skill players.
Yeah yeah, HPW... You just suck! Meet me in a 1-on-1 on dm4 over LAN and I'll show you.
by n00bd00d September 15, 2020
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Boy: Hey you wanna fuck?

Girl: If you get any closer imma HPW!
by ChocolateCarrotCake May 26, 2018
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That blokes a HPW (hairy panty wearer) as in he doesnt shave his pubic hair but wears his wifes panties
by barneyant February 9, 2018
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