Ho Prospect Index. A simple statistic that measures your ability to pull ho's. This is not reserved for just one gender. Both men and women can have HPI's. Usually, based primarily on good looks and game.
"Damn, music artists always have such high HPI's"
by brianjohnson September 26, 2009
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Hobby Products International, is a company that makes Nitro and Electric RC cars and trucks. In there line up they have nitro bashers like hellfire and the most popular the savage, and they just added a gas fuel car the Baja 5b. For electric onroad they have the Pro 4, which is for intermediate to veteran hobbist, and the Sprint and Sprint 2 for the Novice. Basically a fucking badass company.
"Dude hpi's savages NEVER brake"
"I know talk about backyard bashers!"
You can launch one of a qaurter pipe, land, and take off again."

"The Sprint 2 with a little tweaking can be made into a badass drifter"
"Not as good as the Pro4 Hara edition though"
"True, true."
by self_edu101 September 2, 2006
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High Performance Individual, commonly used by life/business coaches like Dan Peña and others.
Stop being a wimp, get disciplined, work long hours until you drop dead, that's the only path to becoming a HPI.
by atlasshkreli October 2, 2020
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Kick Ass Gas R/C Cars that go fast!
That HPI went by at 60 mph!
by JME MAN February 5, 2006
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Hot Pink Injection: Literally--vaginal intercourse. More specifically, what a woman throbbing for a particular man asks for.
Oh, my God--he's hot, I'm horny. I need an HPI.
by Cass2000 April 9, 2008
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