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Variant spelling of HPOA, an acronym for Hot Piece Of Ass. Made popular by a girl with a white dry erase board.

Origin dates back to Mid 2010. A prank on the internet.
Phone conversation..
Bastard: Yeah that's Jenny my assistant. A real HOPA! *wink wink*
Voice: Uh.. I think you mean HPOA asshole.
Bastard: Yeah that's what i said, dickhead!
Voice: *click*
by I'm a hpoa myself August 10, 2010
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Broken acronym for "Hot Piece Of Ass", coined as part of a forced effort to create a viral web meme. Attentive readers not suffering from dyslexia will notice that this actually is an acronym for "Hot Of Piece Ass".

That's just sloppy.
Andy: "Hey, did you see that chick with the dry erase board on the internet? What a HOPA!"

Bob: "Seriously? You're actually using someone else's made up and poorly thought out acronym for this? As if there aren't enough ways to refer to an attractive woman already? for God's sake go to urbandictionary and get out of my sight.
by TanukiUdon August 29, 2010
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Stands for Hot Piece of Ass in middle-age douchebag slang. Guys in their middle ages, born in the 60s and 70s, who think they are hip and cool because they have money and a bmw and actually think people care, usually use this acronym because they are retarded and mess up the original, HPOA.

"HOPA" can be heard often in office buildings of brokers, bankers, insurance salesmen, and other douchebag professions where middle managers, who have risen based on kissing ass, often try to be cool in front of their male colleagues. HOPA is also often heard at douchebag self help seminars in random suburban hotel conference rooms where these middle aged douchebags swarm...with certain topics like "How to own a Ferrari in 5 steps." "10 steps to ultimate financial success." "How to Install a Supersized Pool And Other Shit You Dont Need in your McMansion"
Douche at work: Yeah man, I totally think that HOPA wants my balls.

Normal dude: You mean HPOA? Aren't you like 40 dude and have kids and a wife?
by A fan of a girl August 11, 2010
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This means half-Japanese. This term is often used lovingly as a cute yet brief self-description. Though it does not disclose the other half of their ethnicity, it's more endearing than mutt. It's important to realize that its a Japanese-American term with the emphasis on being American. The internment camps didn't care how little Japanese or young someone was, they were all considered "threats to our national security." Over 110,000 Japanese were locked up on the west coast during WWII, and many of them left to valiantly fight the war for the country that spited their family. Let no one ever tarnish or forget what they went through while still American citizens. They've paid a deeper price to be accepted as Americans than nearly any other group besides African-Americans. Please do not use this term unkindly as it's not what it means and makes you sound like an idiot.
Q: So what's your ethnic background?
A: I'm a hopa! (said with a smile and playfulness)
by Anonymous Hopa's Lover June 30, 2005
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When someone does something socially awkward and slutty.

Origins: from the French "faux pas."
Person one: "I heard Sarah got drunk and hooked up with her sister's boyfriend!"
Person two: "Ooh, ho pas!"
by theredgoldfish April 27, 2009
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