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- It is the epitome of greatness, the best week during the year.
- The 7 Days of Jesus.
--On the 7th day of Holy Week, my Good God gave to me:
7 cups of warm orange juice, 6 pounds of peeled carrots, 5 Latin lessons, 4 trips to the vet, 3 disinflated tires, 2 "Where's Waldo?" books, and one freaking amazing Holy Week.
- Can be used to describe something totally rad.
--Archaeologists fight over the official day that Holy Week begins. The archaeologists in Africa and the Arctic argue that it is on Palm Sunday, while the archaeologists in Kansas City and Zimbabwe say it begins on Holy Thursday.

-To enjoy Holy Week, you must yell it at the top of your lungs at school, work, or in the car like this:

-" According to my calender counting down to Holy Week, we are only 345 days away from next year's Holy Week!"
-" Yo, that movie was so holy week."
-" Hey! The 7 Days of Holy Week is up on iTunes now!"
by The TRUE Truth Teller April 03, 2007
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