HOGG is an autocorrect mistake, commonly mistaken for high.

in other words: laylah’s retardation.

maddie thought Hogg was acronym for something, meanwhile laylah didnt notice she said Hogg, so she was confused too.
laylah: Dude I know why I didn’t get Hogg last time

maddie: HOGG?

laylah: Bitch I’m not talking bout pigs I said “I know how I didn’t get Hogg last time”

laylah: What is a HOGG?


maddie: “Hogg”


maddie: home of gay girls

laylah: DUDE


laylah: I literally typed high and it autocorrected to Hogg.
by m6ddie July 19, 2021
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A dude who always flirts with every girl, never getting anywhere because he won't let them breath or speak due to his intentions.
That hogg is all over every girl in our group. I tried to talk to Jen and he came out of nowhere and interupted. She obviously hates him.
by caeson March 05, 2010
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An insulting term used in Roblox Madden to describe a quarterback who holds on to the ball for more than 1 second without bombing it into the end-zone.
Often used with many, many G's at the end along with some oinks for additional insult.
This As QB is a Hogg, he won't throw the ball! Oink, Oink, Oink! Hoggggg!
by TSheesh October 16, 2020
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1.To hold somthing for a long time ie. a sweet..
2.Not to share somthing
3. To use ones slab to swang through all lanes on a particular road.
4. can be used in references to hoggin' anything
ie. the mic, a sweet, the lane etc...
Where I come from we often substitute the word slim thug, or thugga for the term boss hogggin'.. cuz we know that he represents the boss hogg outlawz rap group
by philldafunk June 08, 2007
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(person) - An androgynous studen at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school enrolled at the time of a school shooting. Rumored not to have been on the premises of the school at the time of the shooting, he later lobbied for guns to be taken from all Americans

In early 2021 he sought to develop a pillow that would destroy the Republican party and give comfort to his pointy chin if he chose to sleep on his stomach.

**Note - His friend Ryan Deitsch bears a strong resemblance to a real life version of Beaker from the Muppet Babies.
- You try the Hogg pillow yet?

- Yes I have....I was not impressed as I did not think it had enough stuffing. Much like David Hogg it was too skinny and left me with a real headache.
by $lapaho February 06, 2021
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The sexual act of placing one’s erect penis in the vagina of an obese woman while simultaneously stuffing the entirety of one’s testicles in the woman’s anus. During the act of coitus, the gentleman must tie three of her four limbs at the onset of ejaculation and then slap her on the ass so hard as to make her squeal like a pig. The act of tying her limbs must be completed before the ejaculate is expelled from his penis.
John went scouting fatties at a bar and brought one home, where he Boss Hogged her to the best night of her life.
by J&J Cooters October 17, 2019
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