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Theoretical future of video disks. DVD was too boring, Blu-Ray didn't use a popular enough color, Red-Ray sounds too sexual, and HDDVD doesn't have enough repeated letters to sound catchy. Thus, the HHDDVVDDBVD. Nobody honestly knows what the hell it means, and posts as to the unabbreviated version are all speculation.

This theoretical future is planned out in Red Vs Blue, which is already in another theoretical future. This is assumed to be soon, since one person still used Roombas (although with built in smartphones and plays MP3s)
Sarge: Everyone knows Blu-ray... is gonna be Red-ray. Heh heh.
Grif: What about HDDVD?
Sarge: Bad marketing. Not enough repeated letters in the name to be catchy. So it's being replaced with HHDDVVDDBVDs.
by liger03 August 22, 2010
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