A multi-cultural term of endearment, often shared amongst friends. Not to be confused with "Hey Brotha".
Hey brother! How are you doing today?

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by V Willy September 9, 2019
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1. A greeting to toss out meekly yet warmly, keeping "Hey" long ("Heyyy") and "brother" short ("brother").

2. Something to say when your brother walks into the room.

3. Something Buster might say on "Arrested Development."
MICHAEL - "Hey, Buster."
BUSTER - "Hey, brother."
by dogmatica October 1, 2005
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Used in the television show, Arrested Development. Said primarily by Buster Bluth, he would use the saying when entering the room and seeing either one of his brothers, Michael or Gob.
Buster enters the room and Michael is standing there.

Buster: "Hey, Brother".
by Hank Kingsley December 14, 2011
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