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1. abbr. Holding Back Laughter

When someone sends you something funny, but you're in a public or professional place and you can't laugh, instead of responding with LOL or HaHa, you say HBL. That way they know to stop sending you funny things, or they can try and send you something funnier and make you spill your beans.
Jake: *Sends today's freshest meme to Allyson via text message*
Allyson: HBL
Jake: *Sends a funnier meme to Allyon via text message*

Allyson: *laughs out loud and spills the beans*
by JakeNotJohn June 30, 2017
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1. abbr. Hasaauchha Budo Le

literally means "the geezer makes me laugh" , is used when someone cracks a joke which makes u laugh , but has no humour in it at all.

Note: Also stands for "Hasaauchha Budi Le" if the joke cracker is a female.
Eg . SPD joke

BKR examples

Pakku ko chat

Rihanna : I love the way you lie.
Eminem : HBL HBL

Sasuke : I'll let you experience my hatred.
Sakura : I love you.
Naruto : HBL HBL
Kyuubi : HBL HBL

Pein : Acknowledge Pain
Anuj : HBL
by Shinra Tensei October 11, 2010
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Davis: Oh shit dude, i was supposed to be hangin with this girl today.
Mike: Are you even fuckin her nigga.
Davis: not yet nigga but she is HBL lmao:D
by DavisCMikeE December 11, 2010
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