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A meaningless phrase, started by a retired Minecraft modder (The founder of the IndustrialCraft mod)
Mostly the word is used as a "filler" word to break silences, as a greeting or a goodbye.
"Hi John, how are you?"
-"I'm fine.. How are you?"
"I'm good.. HAYO!"
by Appels_NL December 17, 2014
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A form of greeting similar to hello and hey, used by only the most enlightened of speakers. Rhymes with Mayo
John: hello there
by 3braincells September 07, 2018
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Hayo is the name of a wonderful, outgoing, smart and cheeky angel! She is wonderfully gorgeous and has the best hair anyone could wish for! She’s a funny, but sometimes annoying in a good way, and amazing friend. A hayo is someone who will make you laugh when there is nothing left in the world. Hayo is someone who will make you annoyed then make you laugh at the same time. Boys secretly admire hayo but none seem to show it. Hayo talks a lot! But that is the reason why she is a good, funny friend and will also give you her honest opinion on everything. Hayo is very truthful and trustworthy. If you ever find a unique girl called hayo, don’t. Let. Her. GO!
Girl 1: oh my gosh! Hayo made me laugh so much I started crying!
Girl 2: I know right! Hayo is the kindest person ever

Boy1: I really like halo but I never ever want her to find out.
Boy 2: same πŸ₯Ί

Girl one: hayo talks a lot
Girl two: yeah she’s REALLY FUNNY!
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by Name.meanings101 October 12, 2019
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if you have a Hayo in your life u are lucky. Hayo is a very funny and warm-hearted person but she also has a temper and trusts me she is not a person you would wanna get in a fight with. Hayo could be your bestie or your worst enemy. She always speaks her mind no matter what. but some times she doesn't have faith in her self and brings herself down instead of raising herself up.
Me; OMG Hayo ur sooo pengg
Hayo; I'm not I'm so ugly
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by lick m y asss January 07, 2020
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