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A way of life and philosophical movement.

In a world of so much bad and complete sentences, having a nice is an open ended term and philosophical way of living life of looking at the simple things and being grateful for existence as it is.

Not to be confused with Borat's "IT'S NAICEEEEE".
Human 1 - "thanks for shopping at our store, hope to see you again soon!"

Human 2 - "thanks man, Have a Nice!"
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by Vujhavinganice June 13, 2020
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When your so pissed off from losing multiple amount of games that you play worse and worse till your so pissed you begin leaning over your keyboard screaming over every little mistake you make and complaining about gaming imbalances

(Common in Starcraft II)
"Why is johnny screaming at his computer"

"He lost a few games of Starcraft II, I think he is Tilting"
by Lashley1337 February 14, 2012
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"Have a nice" is a universal phrase used to tell someone to enjoy their life, day, football game, party or whatever they are doing. The phrase was coined by Internet personality David Vujanic with the goal of spreading a positive outlook on life in general
Igor: I have an important exam coming up, the stress is killling me
Boris: Don't worry man, have a nice!
by Halvdryg October 31, 2018
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A nice way to tell someone to fuck off and fix your shit (short for have a nice day) the person had usually done something that pisses someone else off
See ya have a nice
by Bofafeez January 10, 2019
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