hasy is a nickname. People with this nickname or name, are usualy dark skinned and have alot of friends. They also have a six pack, and are very very strong. It is strongly advised that no one mess with or get into a fight with a 'hasy' or else. If you are a girl/lady and want hasy as your man, you better act quick because there is a waiting list. In their spare time hasy's usually pose for calendar pictures in their underpants. This is a hobbie, and is very attractive :)
by I AM THE URBAN MAN October 7, 2010
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On May 15th, We must put our foot down and rebel against the tyrannical leader, We shall secure the keys, Ascend From Darkness, Rain Fire, Unleash The Horde, Skewer The Winged Beast, and Raise Hell, only then we shall truly be Free.
Alas! National Throw Hasi Day is among us. THIS IS IT MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS
by IssaMysteryy November 1, 2023
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It's as thing you put up yo nose so u can make big bum and brah.For men u get 68.97% bigger worm 🐛
by Alihali666 October 24, 2019
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