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Attempting to perform anal sex while you have whiskey dick.
I tried to put it in her butt last night after the bar but it turned into a round of tough mudder instead
by Gtoaster July 31, 2018
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A shit taken after a night of hard drinking that is particularly difficult to deal with. Unlike the traditional morning-after shit (which is an even-flow of black, smooth tar), the Tough Mudder’s consistency is that of mud mixed with clumps of ribs and chicken wings that act as grappling hooks inside the anus. Putting a foot up on the tub and screaming as though in labor is a typical method of dealing with this difficult shit. Not to be confused with the Labatt Splats.
"I had a Tough Mudder this morning that nearly killed me. I was on the can for a good hour AND I got a nose-bleed while pushing..."
by Ernest Saves Hemmingway III August 31, 2012
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