A new tradition started by Jim Rome on his sports talk premier radio show. The worse callers of the year are invited to call the show and the host and his xr4ti crew rate the bad calls. They are looking for train wreck callers with lame takes on sports and life. The reality is that Rome himself has turned his show into more of the View on Radio, since the departure of his long time producer Travis Rodgers, and the incorporation of his new producer Kyle "Mommas Boy" Brandt.
During the Hack Off this year, there were many crappy callers. But the worse was a turd named Vinny Mac. So he won and was invited to the Smack Off (as defined in the urban dictionary).
by The Bunders of Wrath November 8, 2010
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busting a nut, beating off, pounding off, jerking off, jacking off, beating your meat, spanking the monkey, choking the chicken, rabbit in and out of the hole, driving over the bridge, firing off some white stuff, meatbag'in it, angering god, going blind, spraying the fire hose, milking the weasel, pleasuring yourself manually, touching yourself, taking a trip to England, forst'in the wheaties, abortion alternative, masturbation.
Dude, I was hacking off the other night and my mom walked in. So awk!!!
by coolcatgiantsfan July 29, 2010
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an excuse where-in a person intentionally said jacked off but attempted to cover it up with the excuse having the letter H near the letter J.
Jim: hey bro
Eric: sup bro
Jim: i heard you jacked off to Kimmy
Eric: what the hell? no!
Jim: oh shit, I meant hacked off!
Jim: y'know, cus H is near J.
Jim: Eric?
Jim: Eric?
Eric busts into Jim's apartment
Jim, in real life: FUCK
by ObamasLastName October 14, 2019
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n. A term that describes the action of playing hacky sack; v. To play hacky sack. Adj. Stoner
Hey Man Let's go Hack-Off

Teacher - "Why are you late to class again?"
Student- "Oh sorry I was Hacking Off with all of my friends"

Hey man pull your sack out I wanna Hack-Off
by OneGiantIndian February 24, 2011
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